Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So after we slept in a little bit on Sunday we woke up recharged and headed to the Venetian to pick up TAO friend Perez and head to MADONNA. It truly was amazing as Perez hooked up some MAJOR seats. Madonna dedicated her new single "Miles Away" to the Laptop Samurai himself saying "Id like to dedicate this song to my friend Perez, who thinks I play gutair to much in my show, sorry baby...youre going to have to deal with it." It was unreal! Then towards the end of the show her Madgesty came over and let Perez sing into the mic. He was floating on air to say the least.

Next it was off to VICE SUNDAYS where LAVO was packed with post-concertgoers and locals in the mood to "Get Into The Groove"! Good times....

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