Monday, April 6, 2009


Starting the day off was Avril Lavigne at tao beach, the rocker with her best friend and a few other made it over in the afternoon for a cabana and a few grey goose cocktails. Her and her bff had fun putting some fake tao beach tattoos to go along with her real ones. After a few hours there and a quick change the crew came back to LAVO for a second night, they love the new italian based menu so much the came back for 2nd's. After dinner the crew made their way to the club where they rook a table on the stage in a seculed corner where they could party and let loose. They especially loved the sax player that came out to play along with DJ Vice (Let's push that she came back cause she loved the food)

For the 4th night in a row its was celebrity central at TAO and an ecclectic group it was. After the ACM awards the stars poured in. 1st to arrive were Matthew Mcconaughey and girlfriend Camilla Alves, matthew in classic good ole boy attire was in stark contrast to camillas skin tight black satin dress with sheer cutouts in all the right places (getting designer) Shortly after their arrival victorias secret supermodel Marisa Miller looking stunning in a one of a kind dolce and gabana cream gown made especially for her made an entrance with her husband and a few friends. They joined matthew and camilla. They all met just today at the awards but they all seemed to be fast friends.

Last to arrive and on the heels of last nights surprise performance at tao was Jamie Foxx. The academy award winner as always came with a large entourage of family and friends. But this was an extra special night as he had his 15 year old daughter with him, he treated her to a very special day at the awards. They sat just across from matthews group and made sure to stop by and chat with them but his main focus was clearly spending quality with his daughter and family as this was her first visit to sin city.

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